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The buying process

Buying property in New ZealandThe sale and purchase process for New Zealand property is simple and rapid, whether you’re buying from within the country or overseas. From your offer being accepted to taking transfer/possession can be as quick as a few weeks. Profits from investment and sale of property carry no capital gains tax, no stamp duty or land taxes, no transfer duty, no bond registration or establishment costs and normally there is no GST / VAT on transfers.

The New Zealand system of land registration and ownership is government controlled so you effectively receive government guaranteed title to your property purchase.

Purchasing and selling is normally undertaken through licensed Real Estate agents.They are regulated and required to provide an open and informative advice service.

Property purchasers are advised to use a local lawyer to process any purchase or sale. This is generally on a fixed fee basis and varies with property value, costs of less than R10,000 for total conveyance services can be anticipated. We actively work with local lawyers and real estate agents- you can rest assured we will only recommend qualified professionals.

 The basic process:

1) NZ Property Connections source a property to meet your requirements

2) We liaise with you on an appropriate offer on the property

3) The offer is presented through a real estate agent

4) In conjunction with yourself, NZ Property Connections negotiate the best possible price on the property which goes under contract

5) The contract may be dependent upon certain clauses – a ‘conditional’ contract, or alternatively may be free of any finance / building or other clauses – an ‘unconditional’ contract

6) Arrange finance - work with property finance broker / bank as necessary

7) Once any conditions are worked through and finalised, the contract becomes unconditional and the property is sold

8) Settlement date is agreed as part of the contract to suit vendor and purchaser

9) The property settles and possession becomes yours