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Choosing a property is a very personal business. Your criteria, plans, budget, desires and timeframe need to be carefully considered before you even start looking. That’s where we can help. As buyers’ agents, NZ Property Connections have access to a huge range of properties – we don’t just work with one real estate company, which limits your buying options. This allows us to make sure that the property type and location are the right fit for you, with no constraints other than those which you give us!

We’ve found that the majority of our South African purchasers are working with two main criteria in their search for a property in New Zealand:

1) A future-proof investment – with the prospect of no immediate solutions to the economic and political difficulties at home, many South Africans are looking off-shore for a safe haven for their Rand and a ‘Plan B’ home. New Zealand offers just that.

2) Solid return on investment – New Zealand property is unusual in that it can offer cash-flat or cash-positive ROI. The rental and tourism markets are thriving, ensuring a steady pool of tenants and holidaymakers for properties

The New Zealand system of land registration and ownership is government controlled so you effectively receive government-guaranteed title to your property purchase.

Whether it’s a family home with a view to moving into it one day, a spot on a golf resort backed by snow-capped mountains, an inner-city apartment for low-maintenance holidays or a few acres to relax and retire to in a rural location, New Zealand has them all. 

As in all markets there is nothing like local knowledge and considerations such as avoiding purchasing in complexes where body corporate charges are too high, or in geographical areas that are less desirable for rental accommodation. Where school zones lie will affect property values and the rental potential, as will ease of access to major transport routes. As on-the-ground experts we’re able to provide assistance to help you avoid the pitfalls of purchasing. 

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