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Historic performance

While capital growth for properties is historically cyclical in New Zealand, showing alternating stable and gain periods, New Zealand has not experienced the bubble-bursting highs and lows of parts of Europe and the USA. It provides a more predictable safe-haven for a medium to long term investment.

Investment properties show reasonable returns and generally steady capital gain over time. As in all markets there can be a trade-off between rental yields and capital gain. Some high capital gain properties may show lower yields , but returns can still be structured to show cashflow flat or positive returns depending on the level of initial capital input. 

New Zealand Median housing sale price

  • The above data relate to all Real Estate agency transacted urban Residential Housing Sales for the whole of New Zealand.
  • Residential Housing Sales are Houses, Apartments, Units, Townhouses, Villas and Condos.
  • These data exclude all developer direct and privately transacted Sales.
  • These data are recorded in the month of settlement rather than the month of contract.
  • These data are the most up to date data available.  Data are obtained monthly in arrears and are updated and published online at the middle of the following calendar month.
  • Source www.queenstownproperty.com