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We're actively working with specialists in mortgages, finance, currency extraction, foreign exchance, law, property and every aspect of the process necessary to purchase property in New Zealand. We recommend the below professional for their experience and service. 


Loan Market

With more than 150 Home Finance Brokers and staff across New Zealand, part of a 500-strong Australasian team; securing in excess of $150 million in home finance each month in New Zealand alone, Loan Market brings to you an extensive range of major residential, commercial and business bank and secure lenders. 

Palmer Theron
Phone: +64 9 296 8448

Auckland-based professional legal team offering experience and expertise at competitive rates. Services include house sales and purchases, commercial leases, subdivisions, family trusts, business sales and purchases, estate administration, wills and more. 


Currency Assist is emerging as a leading non-bank provider of foreign exchange products and services within Southern Africa.

  • Expertise with all types of Currency Transactions
  • Facilities to trade world wide
  • Competitive exchange rates