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There are no restrictions to foreign currency transaction in New Zealand nor to remitting funds out of the country when you sell. We have the expertise to assist South Africans in transferring funds required for both deposits and balance of purchase funds out of South Africa at internationally competitive rates.

Several of our team members are ex-pat South Africans. We understand the paperwork involved in remitting funds from South Africa and know that many South African expatriates have long since written off their Rand investments for fear of the red tape involved in retrieving them.

Our team work actively with www.randrescue.com. Rand Rescue specialise in just that – assisting South African investors in removing funds from the country. Rand Rescue will arrange for your tax clearance, formal emigration, the opening of a blocked account, and all the bureaucratic process in between.  

We are also able to assist with achieving the best possible exchange rates to maintain the value of your investment. Ex-pat Ras Theron is a Foreign Exchange expert and is part of the NZ Property Connections team. He understands the challenges and costs of transferring Rand and is able to minimise these. Low commission means we can provide exceptionally competitive rates.