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As New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland has a population of around 401,000 people within the city boundary, and 1.25million in the greater Auckland area, representing around a third of the population of the country. Auckland is a contemporary city based around a bustling harbour, and surrounded by picturesque islands and dotted with extinct volcanoes. The climate is temperate, with warm summers from December to March (averaging over 24 degrees) and cooler winters (averaging 16 degrees). Auckland is the retail and commercial heart of New Zealand.

Home to many big-name overseas companies, Auckland is a modern, vibrant, business-friendly city and an ideal base. A culture of entrepreneurialism and innovation have positioned Auckland as a leader in the Asia-Pacific region.

Playing host to the largest property market in New Zealand, Auckland has a large supply of investment properties both as stand alone homes, and apartments of varying sizes and price points appealing to different markets. Areas within Auckland vary dramatically in socio-economic levels and in ability to provide a rental return and capital gain.

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