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At NZ Property Connections we’re committed to helping South African investors maximise value from their Rand. By using our qualified network of professionals in both South Africa and New Zealand, South Africans looking to buy property in New Zealand will find the purchasing process simple and cost-effective.

Our vision – to create a safe, simple return on investment for South African real estate buyers in New Zealand.

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Why New Zealand property?

  • No Capital Gains tax
  • No transfer Duty
  • 80% property finance available
  • Few barriers to purchasing
  • Excellent rental returns
  • Growth driven by solid demand

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New Zealand Property Investments

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Invest in New Zealand property

Buying property in New Zealand is easy. New Zealand offers property buyers a safe, secure environment for property investing. There are no barriers or restrictions to South African property buyers purchasing investment properties in New Zealand. So what are you waiting for? Let NZ Property Connections make the process of buying investment property in New Zealand streamlined and simple.

As buyers’ agents, NZ Property Connections are the experts in NZ property. Extensive experience in business, real estate and the legal profession have allowed us to form a top-performing team with the knowledge and skills you need to invest in New Zealand. Whether your dream is a safe haven to retreat to with your family, or a solidly-returning investment property, NZ Property Connections will work with you to achieve your property ambitions.

The New Zealand market is one that encourages property investment from both domestic and overseas investors. New Zealand provides a safe, well regulated, politically and financially stable investment environment with a secure legal structure. There are no barriers or restrictions to South African investors purchasing investment properties in New Zealand although some significant, historic or cultural sites may require approval.